Tuition & Fees

As an international student, you are required to show that you have the funds to support yourself for an entire calendar year before you can get a visa. To help you as you gather your financial documentation, we have put together the following list of estimated costs including tuition and fees for one academic year and 12 months of living expenses. This estimate is based on a moderate budget; individual expenses will vary.

Expenses and tuition costs for graduate students are different than those listed here. For specific information, please see Graduate and Professional Program Expenses.

When reviewing the estimates below, please remember:

  • Expenses vary between programs and are subject to change without notice.
  • Tuition costs are based on a flat rate of 12 to 17 credit hours per semester for undergraduate students.
  • Additional costs may be assessed depending on your course of study.
  • International students have different tuition, fees, and other expenses—including mandatory health insurance—than students from the United States.

All international students are required to have health insurance for themselves and their families to help pay for medical care. Learn more about health insurance and insurance for dependents.

Estimated Costs for International Undergraduates Beginning in Fall 2014

IU undergraduates pay a flat fee for tuition, which entitles you to register for 12 to 17 credit hours per semester. Most degree programs require you to average 15.5 credit hours per semester in order to graduate in the traditional eight semesters.

Estimated Cost
Tuition and mandatory fees $33,471
Room and board (based on a double residence hall room with a standard meal plan) $11,950
Health insurance $1,305
Miscellaneous expenses (including books and general living expenses) $2,808
Total for 12 months $49,480
Estimated Expenses (Including Health Care) for Dependents

If you will be bringing your family, you will also need to be able to show proof of funds for the following amounts:

  • Spouse: $6,959
  • First child: $6,275
  • Each additional child: $4,118

Estimated Costs for International Undergraduates Beginning in the Summer

The estimated costs below are for students who intend to begin their studies in summer and remain enrolled through the full school year.

Summer undergraduate courses are estimated at $875 per credit hour for summer, and mandatory fees will be approximately $373. Estimated expenses for full-time, undergraduate enrollment beginning in summer are below. You can also see estimated summer expenses for graduate students.

Estimated Cost
Tuition and fees $38,536
Room and board $11,617
Health insurance $1,366
Miscellaneous expenses $2,130
Total $53,649
Estimated Costs for Summer Session Only

Below are the estimated costs for enrollment only in the second eight weeks of summer term.

Estimated Cost
Tuition and fees $5,273
Room and board $2,039
Health insurance $204
Miscellaneous expenses $351
Total $7,867