Off-Campus Housing

When looking for an off-campus house or apartment, you might first want to start with an Internet search. Many apartment complexes and rental companies have online reviews, so you can read about the experiences of previous tenants. Below is a list of other, more specific resources you may want to try.

  • One.IU

    Look for a rental or a roommate in One.IU's classified section. Search for and open Classifieds, then Roommates and Sublets.

    You will need to have your IU network ID set up to use this site.

    Visit One.IU »

  • Apartment Search Websites

    There are numerous apartment search websites where you can search across many apartment complexes. You'll often be able to find the type of housing you'd like using one of these sites. You can search for "apartments in Bloomington, Indiana" and you'll find many of these comprehensive sites. Most of these sites offer a map view and list price and amenities, so you can find a mix of location, price, and amenities that will work for you.

  • Local Newspapers

    Check the classified ads in the local and student newspaper.

  • IU Real Estate

    If you are currently a student or scholar at IU Bloomington, search IU Real Estate's list of available properties. Although these properties are managed by IU, these are off-campus properties available to students, faculty, and staff.

    Visit IU Real Estate »

  • GPSO Housing Board

    If you are a graduate student at IU Bloomington, search the Graduate and Professional Student Organization's (GPSO) housing board for vacancies.

    Visit the GPSO Housing Board »

  • Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs

    If you are a graduate student at IU Bloomington, search the Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty and Academic Affairs' listing of available rental housing.

    Visit the Office of the Vice Provost »

What Should I Do While Looking for an Off-Campus Rental?

When shopping for an off-campus home, do:

  • Shop around and compare prices.
  • Check the deposit policy to see if it is refundable.
  • Check the lease duration. If you are not going to be in Bloomington for 12 months, try to find a lease for shorter than 12 months. If you cannot find a shorter lease, plan to sublet (privately lease from another person) during the months that you will be in Bloomington.
  • Ask questions of former and current tenants if possible.
  • Get everything you agree upon in writing.
  • Read the entire lease before you sign it.
  • Follow all terms of the contract you sign.

Do not:

  • Sign a lease until you have inspected the apartment, house, or room in person.
  • Sign a lease if you do not agree with all the terms. Try to negotiate until you can come to an understanding.
Common Housing Abbreviations

You may see some of these abbreviations as you browse rental ads:

  • AC: air conditioning
  • Avail: available
  • BA: bathroom
  • blks: blocks
  • BR: bedroom
  • DR: dining room
  • DW: dishwasher
  • frplc: fireplace
  • furn: furnished
  • gar: garage
  • incl: included
  • kit: kitchen
  • lg: large
  • /mo: per month
  • pd: paid
  • util: utilities (gas, water, electic)
  • w/: with
  • W/D: washer and dryer
What Is Renter's Insurance, and Do I Need to Buy It?

Renter's insurance protects the value of the belongings you keep inside your rental property in case of theft, fire, or other sources of damage. It is usually not required to sign a lease, but we recommend that you purchase it. Most major insurance providers in the United States offer renter's insurance.