Sarah Hulen

Senior Credential Analyst

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Sarah is a Washington, D.C. native, but a long-time Bloomington resident. She earned her B.A. in English Literature from Centre College, and in the following years lived and worked in Washington D.C., Arlington (VA), Indianapolis (IN), Charleston (SC), and Greenwood (SC). Her early background in Pakistan, the Philippines, and travel in South America give her an appreciation for Bloomington’s diverse population and its cultural, recreational, and dining opportunities.

Sarah is a member of P.E.O. Chapter EV, a national philanthropic group. She is re-immersing herself in educational admissions, and enjoys the greater challenges of assisting with international services at a university level. Her free time is spent reading, negotiating inter-child peace treaties, and criticizing Congress. Sarah’s favorite activities are horseback riding on her tall four-legged friend “Luke”. Sarah’s Washington roots and a four-year stint in Charleston are contributing factors to her fascination with “House of Cards.”