Limited exemptions for IU International Plan

Most international students in F and J status and their dependents are required to enroll in the IU International Plan, but limited exemptions apply. It is important you do not purchase health insurance from another company unless you are sure you qualify for an exemption category.

Automatic exemptions

  • Graduate students with Assistantships or Fellowships who are enrolled on a different IU health insurance plan
  • Sponsored students whose sending organization provides approved health insurance as stated in their financial guarantee or contract


Exemption requests

  • J-1 students in an official exchange program whose sending organization either provides health insurance or funding to purchase health insurance that meets J-1 requirements
  • Students enrolled in a health insurance plan provided by their spouse's or parent's U.S.-based employer
  • Students working on CPT or OPT who receive health insurance through their U.S.-based employer
  • Students completing coursework outside of the U.S. due to COVID-19 

Insurance exemption request