Travel Outside the U.S.

DS-2019 requirements for traveling outside the U.S.

Whether you want to return to your home country over summer break, explore Europe on spring break, or participate in a study abroad program, chances are good that at some point during your time at Indiana University you will want to travel outside the United States.

But before you pack your luggage, there are some steps you need to take to protect your status.

Get a travel signature on your DS-2019

Before you leave the country, make sure you have a valid travel signature from an OIS advisor or your program sponsor on your DS-2019. You will not be able to re-enter the United States without one.

To get a travel signature, make a request through Atlas at least two weeks before you plan to travel.

Travel signatures are valid for one calendar year, or until the completion of your program, whichever comes first.

Make sure your DS-2019 reflects your current situation

If there have been any changes in your situation that are not indicated on your current DS-2019 (for example, if you have changed your major, degree level, or source(s) of financial support), you will need to get a new one.

Making these changes can be very difficult. Please call 812-855-9086 to make an appointment with an OIS advisor to talk about your plans before you begin the process.

For changes in your source(s) of funding, request a travel signature through Atlas and include the changes in the “Notes” section.

For a change in major or degree level, you will need to complete the New Degree Program e-form in Atlas. However, you do not need to request a travel signature. When your new degree program request is approved, a new DS-2019 will be printed and will be valid for travel.