On-Campus Work Limits

On-Campus Work Limits for International Student

International students are allowed to work up to 20 hours per week on campus. Working more than that can create a violation of immigration status. Please direct students to consult with the Office of  International Services (OIS) before performing any additional work.

Allowable With No Additional Permission

  • 20 hours per week or less, on-campus hourly OR
  • 50% FTE or less student academic appointment contract
    (AI, RA, TA, GA - think contract hours, not actual hours) OR
  • Combination of on-campus jobs, totaling 20 hours per week
    or less
  • Additional hours of on-campus work during university breaks

Not Allowable Please Consult With OIS Prior To Work

  • Saying that a student with a 20 hour contract really only puts in
    15 hours, and giving them additional hourly work
  • Any work that would put hours over 20 for any given week (not
    even 1 hour)
  • 20 hours on contract plus 10 hours hourly, even if it is from
    another department
  • Ad hoc, one-time only work, in addition to contracted or
    hourly work above 20 hours in any week