SEVIS Transfer to IU

Transfer your SEVIS record to IU

Changing your J-1 program sponsorship is possible. It occurs when you are currently enrolled as a student at another U.S. institution in J-1 status and plan to enroll at Indiana University, or if you are already enrolled at Indiana University under the sponsorship of another Exchange Visitor program (IIE, ACTR, etc.) and are having your J-1 sponsorship transferred to Indiana University’s Exchange Visitor program. When the transfer process is completed, Indiana University becomes your program sponsor.

You may transfer your SEVIS record to IU and make Indiana University your program sponsor if:

  • You are completing an academic program or Academic Training at another U.S. school and intend to begin a new academic program at Indiana University.
  • You are transferring schools in the middle of an academic program.
  • You are transferring to a new J-1 sponsor in the middle of an academic program.

In order for a SEVIS transfer to occur, your current program sponsor must decide that:

  • Your transfer is consistent with the goals of the Exchange Visitor program
  • You are currently in valid program status

You are not eligible for a SEVIS transfer if you have been approved for a waiver of the two-year home residency requirement by the U.S. Department of State.