H-1B Visas

Learn about H-1B status

Many international faculty and staff members at Indiana University hold H-1B status. H-1B status is for people who work in a “specialty occupation” that requires the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree or higher in a specific field. At IU, H-1B employees can be faculty or staff positions, such as research associates, postdoctoral fellows, assistant professors, and software developers.

You can learn more about H-1B status below. If you have questions during the application process or during your stay at IU, contact us. We will do our best to help you.

Six-year maximum

You can maintain H-1B status for a maximum of six years. Your initial H-1B status can be granted for up to three years, and you can renew your status for up to three additional years.

After six years in H-1B status, you must leave the United States for one year before an employer can file a new H-1B petition for you. H-1B status may be granted for longer than six years in limited cases.