Financial Documentation

Required financial documents

Once you are accepted at Indiana University, you will be required to submit documents proving you have the financial means to support yourself for a full calendar year, including tuition, fees, and living expenses.

Your financial documents are not related to your admission decision. However, OIS cannot issue you an immigration document until you have provided sufficient evidence of financial support. We encourage you to submit your financial documents as soon as possible. We will be able to finalize your application and process your necessary immigration documents sooner.

Although proof of funding is required for only the first year, you are expected to fund your studies for the duration of your program. When adding up your expenses, remember that you should not look to employment as a means of support. Not only do you need authorization before you can start a job, but you are also limited in the number of hours you can work.

You will need to submit:

OIS cannot issue you a visa document until you have provided sufficient evidence of financial support.

How can I estimate my expenses?

We have generated an estimate of typical expenses that you can use for planning. If you are applying for a campus other than IU Bloomington, review that campus's website for estimated expenses.

See an estimate of expenses

Details about financial support from a sponsoring agency, government, or non-IU scholarship

If you will be receiving support from a scholarship agency, you must attach an official scholarship letter which explains the terms and the amounts of the award. Companies should provide a statement indicating that they have the amount currently available.

Proof of funds usually includes bank statements and/or scholarship letters. Organizations and/or companies providing scholarships or paid study leave for you should provide an award letter outlining the details of the award in U.S. dollar amounts. The letter must contain:

  • The name of the student being given the award
  • The amount of money available for each year of study including the terms of support (i.e., a breakdown of what the award is intended to cover: tuition, fees, living expenses, dependents, etc.)
  • The duration of the award (including beginning and ending dates)
  • The degree and major field of study for which the award is available
  • Confirmation that the award is applicable for study at Indiana University

All documentation should be dated less than 12 months before the time you intend to enroll.