Planning a Visit

Prepare for a short-term visit

These steps are among the ones you and your Indiana University department will take for your visit. Your department will guide you through this process, and you can always contact us.

Information for visitors

Invitation letter

We recommend that you obtain an invitation letter from your IU host department. You can use this letter when you apply for a visa and at the port of entry. The letter should include:

  • Information about the conference or visit
  • Specifics about travel payments and expense payments, including honoraria, if applicable

We are available to review the invitation letter to ensure it meets these goals.

Visa processing times

If you need a B-1 or B-2 visa, you should apply for one as soon as possible—and at least 60 days before you travel. If you will attend a scientific conference or you have a scientific background, we recommend that you apply for a visa at least 90 days before you travel.

Your visa approval may take longer than 60 or 90 days, however. Wait times for visa interview appointments vary by embassy and by time of year, and additional processing time may be required for security clearances or other reasons. We suggest that you apply as soon as you can.

Enrollment in IU coursework

If you are in B-1 or B-2 status and want to take IU courses, you must first change to a status that allows you to study by filing an application with U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. Visitors in WB and WT status may not change to a different visa status in the United States.