Grad-Scholar Connect

Meet new people and make connections with GSConnect

GSConnect gives graduate students, scholars, and their families a place to gather each month. Those who attend will be able to meet new people and foster relationships with others in the international community at IU.

At these gatherings, guests can look forward to refreshments provided by OIS, interactive crafts and activities, or an outing in the Bloomington community. As the seasons change, so will the meet-ups! In the fall, activities might include pumpkin carving and cookie decorating with hot cocoa or cider as it gets colder. In the warmer months, you can look forward to outdoor picnics or barbeques.

If you’re a graduate student or scholar looking to get involved and network, then we hope you join us!

When to join

GSConnect events take place on the third weekend of each month.

Graduate students and scholars will receive event details two weeks in advance via email. Stay up-to-date with OIS events and programs listed on our events calendar!