Graduate Students

Application process for graduate students

You may apply to a graduate program at IU Bloomington during your final year of undergraduate study, or after receiving a U.S. bachelor’s degree (or its recognized equivalent).

Visit your intended program’s website to find out when you need to apply. You’ll need to contact that department with any questions about applying.

Steps for applying to a graduate program

This page lists the important steps in the application process so you know exactly what you need to do to successfully apply to IU as a graduate student.

  1. Review admission requirements
  2. Review deadlines
  3. Submit the online application
  4. Receive your Atlas login information
  5. Submit your supporting documents
    • Official academic records
    • Official test scores
    • Additional documents required by your department
    • Demonstration of English proficiency
  6. Submit your financial documentation
  7. Receive a decision from your department
  8. Receive your admission letter from OIS

1. Review admission requirements

Each department has its own graduate admission requirements, which are not determined or monitored by the Office of International Services (OIS).

We review international graduate applications and academic records for U.S. bachelor’s degree equivalency. We then share our initial evaluation with the appropriate graduate departments for consideration.

Visit your intended program’s website to see its specific admission requirements.

Not sure which academic program is right for you? Browse the 550+ academic programs available on our campus.

Country-specific admission requirements

You may apply for graduate study during your final year of undergraduate study or after receiving a U.S. bachelor’s degree or its recognized equivalent.

Demonstration of English proficiency

If your native language is not English, your department may require you to submit results for the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam, regardless of where you were educated.

Indiana Academic English Test

Your department may also require you to take the Indiana Academic English Test when you arrive at IU to determine if you must take any English courses. You must agree to take any English courses that are recommended based on the results of this examination. Fees for special part-time English courses are the same as for other courses; however, credits earned in these English courses do not meet degree requirements.

English language requirements for associate instructors

Finally, if you are eligible for an associate instructorship position, you must meet additional English language requirements, including passing the Test of English Proficiency for International Associate Instructor Candidates (TEPAIC).

2. Review deadlines

Each graduate program determines its own application deadline and decides when it will accept applications.

Visit your intended program’s website to find out when you need to apply.

3. Submit the online application

You will need to submit an application no matter what graduate program you apply to. Some programs use the IU application, while others use a specialized application process standard in that field. You can find information about the application process on your prospective program’s website.

4. Receive your Atlas login information

After you submit your online application, you will receive immediate email confirmation that it was received.

OIS will email you your Atlas login information within five days of receiving your completed application. You will then need to log in to Atlas so you can upload the additional documents you are required to submit.

5. Submit your supporting documents

Completing the application for admission is the first step toward becoming a student at Indiana University.

After you have submitted your application, there are some supporting materials that you need to upload to Atlas. (All documents submitted for admission consideration become the property of IU.)

Official academic records

Submit your official academic records in the original language from every postsecondary school you have attended, whether or not you obtained a degree. If the original is not in English, also include a certified, literal translation. Records must be issued by the registrar or record-keeping official from the institution at which the work was completed.

Notarized copies of academic records are not acceptable. If you studied in the United States or Canada, have official transcripts sent directly to International Admissions from the issuing institution’s records office.

Learn more about country-specific requirements

Official test scores

Visit the website of your intended department to find out which test scores are required. You must submit scores from any required tests before an admission decision can be made. Have testing agencies send official score reports to IU.

Additional documents required by your department

These documents may include letters of recommendation or essays, and they may be sent either to the Office of International Services (OIS) with your academic records or directly to the department.

Demonstration of English proficiency

Every department requires proof of English proficiency.

IU Bloomington’s TOEFL code is 1324. The testing service should report your TOEFL scores directly to IU Bloomington.

Learn more about demonstrating English proficiency

6. Submit financial documentation

As an international student at IU Bloomington, you are required to submit documents proving you have the financial means to support yourself for a full calendar year, including tuition, fees, and living expenses.

Applicants to graduate programs must submit this information before admission can be finalized and before visa documents can be issued.

We encourage you to submit your financial documents as soon as possible.

Learn about required financial documentation

7. Receive a decision from your department

You will be notified of the admission decision directly by the department you applied to—by email or by mail.