Life at Indiana University

Orientation and Welcome Week

Your student may be nervous about moving to another country and beginning college. That’s a normal feeling, even for students moving a few hours away. That’s why there are two important IU events to help everyone adjust to life here.

International student orientation takes place before classes begin. Your student will get their paperwork in order, register for classes, meet other international students, and get comfortable with IU and Bloomington.

Welcome Week is held in August, as all students prepare for the fall semester. Its exciting activities and traditions will help your student meet other U.S. and international students and begin to feel like an IU student.

Things to do around IU and Bloomington

Your student will always be able to find something interesting or entertaining to do at IU or in Bloomington.

  • IU has teams in soccer, basketball, and many other sports.
  • Touring Broadway shows and concerts regularly visit the IU Auditorium.
  • The IU Jacobs School of Music stages more than 1,100 productions each year.
  • Bloomington has musical concerts nearly every night, plus art galleries, theatre performances, and diverse shops and restaurants.
  • And, student can also explore the great outdoors around Bloomington and Indiana's trails, 34 nearby parks, and three lakes.

Student organizations

IU has more than 750 student organizations, where students can pursue their interests, make friends, and gain leadership experience. About 35 organizations have an international focus or connection. There are groups for students from Africa, Australia, Brazil, China, India, Kazakhstan, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Turkey, and many other countries and regions.

Programs for international students

The Office of International Services offers a variety of ways for your student to find their place in the campus community, including international and multicultural student organizations, language practice sessions, and virtual concerts performed by international students. Each fall, we host a campus celebration of International Education Week with dozens of international-themed events, including IU World’s Fare and a photo contest.

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