Travel Outside the U.S.

Traveling during your J-1 scholar program

You may have plans to travel outside the country during your J-1 scholar program. You may want to speak at a convention, for example, or visit your family.

Follow the tips below to ensure a smooth trip. These requirements and recommendations apply to all travel outside the United States, including trips to Canada, Mexico, and nearby islands such as Jamaica or the Bahamas.

Get a travel signature

You and any J-2 dependents must have a valid travel signature on your Form DS-2019 to re-enter the United States.

Request a J-1 travel signature in Atlas at least two weeks before you travel. Your Indiana University department must approve your request. Then you will receive an email from OIS with further instructions.

If J-2 dependents will travel with you, their DS-2019 forms must also be signed. If J-2 dependents will not travel with you, and you will be outside the country for more than 30 days, please contact us for advising.