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Come see your new home

Visiting IU Bloomington requires more effort and planning for international students, but it is so worth the energy. When you’re on our campus, you’ll really understand what it’s like to be a student here. You’ll feel like you’re coming home.

Unable to visit, but want to know more? You can connect with an admissions counselor or chat with an International Student Ambassador.

Bloomington is one of the top college towns in America, according to USA Today.

What should you expect during your IU visit?

A classic college town

Bloomington offers the best small-town atmosphere while not sacrificing the amenities of big city living—you can find international grocery stores, restaurants with cuisine from around the world, and ethnic festivals in our city. You’ll also find our campus and the surrounding community to be a fun and diverse place where higher education, local establishments, and the city population combine to create one of the best college towns in the U.S.

A diverse and inclusive atmosphere

We’re committed to promoting an atmosphere of equity and inclusion on our campus, taking a proactive stance on preventing bias incidents through education, awareness, and a culture of honesty and trust. We’ve provided a set of resources to help our international students understand the context of current events in the U.S. and what IU Bloomington is doing to make the campus safe and welcoming.

A safe environment for all

The IU Bloomington campus and local community prioritize working to keep students safe. Our dedicated Indiana University Police Department (IUPD) and The Guardian app help maintain safety on campus by providing resources to students that connect them with tools to keep themselves and others safe. We also work to provide safety measures for pedestrians on campus, local weather events, and emergencies.

Take the next step toward becoming an IU student

We know you’ll love our campus and community, whether you tour IU Bloomington in person or virtually. Now that you’ve learned how to visit us, take the next step in your journey toward becoming a Hoosier!