Changing Employers

How to change employers

If you are already in H-1B status for another employer, you must complete a new H-1B application to work at Indiana University.

We recommend that your department submit the H-1B Employee E-Form in Atlas three months before your proposed start date at IU. The three months allow for OIS processing and U.S. Department of Labor processing, as well as for U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to issue a receipt notice for your H-1B application.

Regulations provide a discretionary 60-day grace period between the date your H-1B employment ends and the date you begin your new H-1B position. You have up to 60 days, or until your current I-94 expires (whichever is sooner), to either file for an extension of H-1B status with the new employer or apply for a change of status.

If you are filing an H-1B petition with a new employer, you can begin your new H-1B position only after your new employer receives the receipt notice.