Finding a Job


Interstride is a global career development platform created exclusively for international students. From internships and H-1B eligible dream jobs to an expansive resource library, get your global career questions answered with Interstride. 

Job fairs

Career Services makes it easy to find job fairs and other career events at various times during the year.

Classified ads

The Indiana Daily Student (IDS) newspaper lists jobs in its classified section. Look for hourly, on-campus jobs (unless you qualify for off-campus employment).

University employers

Potential on-campus employers include:

Academic departments

Many IU departments and offices fill their open positions directly (rather than listing their job opportunities with Career Services). Contact your academic unit and professors for possible job openings.

Important information about working while in the United States

To remain in status, it is extremely important that you follow the federal regulations regarding employment. It is a serious violation of your legal status to work without authorization.

Finding employment after you graduate

If you want to find a job after graduating from IU, the IU Immigration Bridge Program can help you get an offer by making the visa process easier for potential employers. You can begin the bridge program once you have a solid job opportunity in the United States.

Learn about IU Immigration Bridge