Graduation Preparation

Preparing for your graduation

As a J-1 student, you have several options after completing your program and graduating from IU.

As you approach the end of your program of study, you can:

  • Apply for Academic Training work authorization. If you plan to work in the United States after your program is finished, you must apply BEFORE your completion date. See the J-1 Employment section for more information.
  • Apply for a change of status if you are not subject to the two-year foreign residency requirement [212(e)]. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must receive the application before the end of your grace period.
  • Transfer to a new program. You must request a SEVIS Transfer Out via Atlas. You will need to have your transfer out approved by the Office of International Services (OIS) before the end of your grace period. Your new school must provide you with a new DS-2019 within 30 days of the date your program is officially transferred to the new school.
  • Start a new program of study at Indiana University. You must be fully admitted, and apply for and receive a new DS-2019 from OIS before the end of the grace period. Proof of funding will be required at the time OIS creates your new DS-2019. You can make your request for a New Degree Program via Atlas.
  • Leave the United States before the end of the grace period. Please complete an Exit Form via Atlas when your departure plans are finalized.

For more information on your post-completion options, download our PowerPoint presentation.