Graduate Students

Next steps for enrolling as a graduate student

Once you decide you want to attend IU, there are several steps you need to take. The ones we’ve listed on this page should help you get started, but it’s important that you work with your academic department to make sure you follow all the steps they have.

1. Work with your department

Each department has its own set of steps you will need to follow after you are admitted.

2. Complete your checklist items

Your Atlas checklist will guide you through important tasks you need to do.


3. Set up your IU computing accounts

To create your computing account, you’ll need your university ID number, which was included in your letter of admission.

The computing account and email account you’ll create in this step are different than the account you created to apply to IU. You must create an IU computing account and an IU email account.

Your university ID

If you have ever previously been enrolled in or participated in a program at any IU campus and were given a 10-digit university ID number or IU username, you will use the same ID number or username and follow these steps to set up your IU computing account.

Setting up your IU computing account

  1. Go to the Access Management System Starter Kit.
  2. Read and agree to the Guidelines for Appropriate Usage, which are rules and policies for using IT accounts at IU.
  3. Enroll in the Passphrase Self-Service Reset System. If you forget your passphrase, this tool will enable you to reset it yourself without having to visit a UITS Support Center walk-in location in person.
  4. Save or record your account information in a secure place. You will need this information each time you log in to your IU computing account.
  5. Exit. It may take up to two hours before you can log in to some services.

Note: Some countries may block Gmail. If you experience problems accessing Gmail, you should forward your Gmail at IU email to another email account.

Get more information about creating your first account

4. Review housing options

Learn more about off-campus housing. You should also work with your academic department as they may have additional information or provide further assistance in finding a place to live.

5. Grant third-party payer access

If someone is helping you fund your college education, make it easy for them.

Let your sponsoring organization (and whomever else you choose) set up e-bill notifications, pay bills electronically, and view bursar account details.

Learn how to set up third-party payer access

6. Submit your immunization records

All students who attend IU Bloomington are required by Indiana state law to present proof of vaccination.

Learn more about immunization requirements

7. Make travel arrangements

You’ll need to know how to navigate customs and get from the Indianapolis International Airport to Bloomington, which is about an hour away.

Learn about traveling to Bloomington

8. Transfer your SEVIS record to IU

If you are currently studying in the U.S. as an F-1 student, you will need to transfer your SEVIS record to Indiana University.

Learn about transferring your SEVIS record