Free for IU international students and scholars

Sprintax makes filing your taxes easy. OIS negotiates a deal each year for students and scholars to file their tax return for free using a special code. You can prepare your state tax return for a fee.

Stimulus check from the U.S. government

The U.S. government passed a law in March 2020 that provided Economic Impact Payments (stimulus checks) to all resident aliens and U.S. citizens.

If you received the stimulus check, you either appropriately qualified as a resident alien or you filed your taxes incorrectly and should have filed as a nonresident alien.

Any individual qualified as a nonresident alien who received a stimulus check must return the money to the Internal Revenue Service.

Sprintax can help you determine if you are a resident alien for tax purposes and prepare an amended return if needed. You can learn more by watching their webinar or reading their blog. (The IRS also has information about returning the stimulus payment.)

Filing an amended return with Sprintax will cost $70.95, and you can access the software here. If you have never used Sprintax to file a tax return, you will need to create an account first.