Freshman Students

Indiana University application process for freshmen international applicants

If you're a freshman international applicant-meaning a beginning student who has never attended a college or university before-this page will provide you with a step-by-step guide through the international student application process.

IU accepts two applications—the Apply IU Application and the Common Application. Both ask the same types of questions, although they may be worded differently. We do not prefer any particular application, and we use the same review process for each. You can choose whichever one works best for you.

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Ready for the next step? Though there are two application form options to choose from, you should submit only one application for admission. You will not receive any benefit from applying multiple times, and all application fees are nonrefundable. If you apply using more than one application, it may delay processing.

Apply IU

Use the Apply IU Application to apply to more than one Indiana University campus.

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Common Application

Use the Common Application to apply to any of over 900 schools, including Indiana University.

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IU Bloomington international freshmen application FAQs

How can I make changes to my application?

If you need to change information that you submitted with your application, you'll need to submit a form. The form is only for changing things like email address, contact information, name, etc. Continue using Atlas to submit any new information.

Change information on your application

How can I cancel my application?

If you would like to cancel your application after you have already applied, you can do that on the Intent to Enroll page.

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What if I'm applying to the IU Jacobs School of Music?

After you apply to IU, you’ll need to complete the Jacobs Schools of Music supplemental application and submit an additional fee.

Learn about Jacobs School of Music requirements

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Indiana University provides a diverse and welcoming environment for international students. Choose from IU Bloomington’s 200+ majors and discover a program that will nurture your interests and jump-start your career.

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