Student Experience

Find your community at IU

IU Bloomington is truly a global university—our students come from more than 150 countries.

As an international student, you’ll earn a respected degree while having the experience of a lifetime. You’ll broaden your understanding of the world by meeting new people and learning about cultures different from your own. And you’ll have the opportunity to get involved in almost any kind of activity you can imagine.

Opportunities for fun are everywhere

There are countless things for you to do, see, and experience on campus and in Bloomington. You can join one of hundreds of student organizations on campus (or create your own). Head to iconic Assembly Hall to see Hoosiers basketball in action. Or enjoy weekend brunch in downtown Bloomington.

Description of the video:

(upbeat music)

Video: Approaching the Sample Gates. The IU trident appears.

Video: Two students walk down a brightly lit hallway. Four students sit around a table.

Words appear: Stella, Healthcare Management and Policy

Video: Stella writes on a whiteboard.

Words appear: Stella makes her mark

Video: A student takes a backpack off a shelf.

Words appear: Abhinav, Data Science

Video: Abhinav puts on the backpack outdoors.

Words appear: Abhinav gears up for an all-nighter

Video: A student sitting in an auditorium chair opens a script.

Words appear: Max, Musical Theatre

Video: Max performs on stage.

Words appear: Max takes center stage

Video: A student puts on a rubber glove.

Words appear: Shawn, Chemistry

Video: Shawn uses a sparking device to light a bunsen burner.

Words appear: Shawn sparks a new passion.

Video: Three students walk down an aisle at the farmers’ market.

Words appear: Jordan, Marketing

Video: The students browse a display of flowers. Jordan purchases a bouquet.

Words appear: Jordan finds a place to bloom

Video: A student wearing a swimsuit that says “GUARD” stands in front of a swimming pool.

Words appear: Marikate, Criminal Justice

Video: Marikate jumps off of a high dive.

Words appear: Marikate takes a leap

Video: Students from the Cutters Little 500 team talk and laugh.

Words appear: Noble, Journalism and History

Video: Team members hug. The team raises their trophy.

Words appear: Noble breaks away from the pack.

Video: A serious-looking student in a martial arts uniform.

Words appear: Hannah, Public Financial Management

Video: Hannah spars with another martial arts student and tosses her to the ground. The student stands and they bow to each other.

Words: Hannah strengthens her skill set.

Video: A student unlocks a kennel door.

Words appear: Kendall, Biology

Video: Kendall walks a dog down a hall past a row of kennels. Outside, she plays with the dog.

Words appear: Kendall makes a new best friend

Video: A student in a Commencement robe puts on his cap.

Words appear: Andrew, Informatics and Journalism

Video: Andrew adjusts his cap and poses for a photo by the Sample Gates.

Words appear: Andrew is ready for his close-up

Video: A fast montage of all of the students we’ve seen in the video

Words appear: You do it all at IU

Video: The screen turns crimson and the IU trident appears.

Words appear: Indiana University