Department Hiring & Hosting

Hiring and hosting international faculty, staff, and visitors

Hiring and hosting international faculty, staff, and visitors is a complicated process. Many things must be considered, such as the individual's visa category and including resources and support the individual may need throughout his or her stay.

Learn about the various kinds of visas elsewhere in this section. Check out the information below. And get in touch with us—we’ll guide you through the entire process. We also orient international faculty, staff, and visitors to Indiana University by offering visa-specific immigration advising and information about living and working in the United States.

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For individuals coming to IU through an OVPIA-approved partnership agreement

Where there is an official agreement in place between institutions for the specific purpose of educational and cultural exchange, a J-1 visa is almost always required. However, in some limited circumstances the nature and purpose of the visit to IU may be consistent with the B1/B2 visitor visa or the Visa Waiver Program.

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IU's Policy on Permanent Residence

IU has a policy that details how OIS handles IU-sponsored, employment-based petitions for permanent residence, including how to begin the process, and how your petition may be processed.

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Labor Certification Posting

The Labor Certification Posting notice is provided as a result of the filing of a Petition for Prospective Immigrant Employee.

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LCA Posting

The Labor Condition Application posting is a notice of intent to hire H‑1B employees.

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