Military Service

Preparing for military service

If you need to leave IU to perform mandatory military service in your home country, you can return and complete your program at a later date. However, you need to complete the “Exit Form” on Atlas before you go.

If you have questions about how your military service will affect your status at IU, call OIS (812-855-9086) to make an appointment with an advisor or email an advisor at

Leaving IU for mandatory military service

Once you depart the United States for military service, we will end your SEVIS record. This will end your legal J-1 status.

If you have already enrolled in courses for the next semester, you must take action to drop them. If classes haven’t started, you can drop via e-Drop. If classes have started, please send an email to, asking us to assist with dropping all of your classes for that semester. Be sure to write your full name and IU ID number at the bottom of the email.