Online orientation courses for undergraduate students

You will be required to complete two different online orientation courses. After completing both of these courses, you’ll be well prepared to successfully transition to IU.

FYE orientation for all students

Learn more about IU, meet with your academic advisor, and register for classes.

OIS orientation for international students

Get details on living and studying in the U.S., immigration regulations and U.S. laws, health care and insurance, and more.

Online orientation courses for graduate students

Before you arrive in Bloomington, we will send you an email invitation to start the Graduate International Orientation course in Canvas, which is separate from any online orientation your department may have. This Canvas course is required for all new international graduate students, and includes important information about staying in status, resources, and how to get around Bloomington, among other things.

You department may have other requirements for you to complete before you arrive. Contact your department for more details.