International Women's Day Conference

Women's Wellbeing: Our Stories, Our Strength

The International Women's Day Conference at IU Bloomington is a conference for empowering women. It is an opportunity for the campus community to come together, locally and globally, in a space that aims to empower women through the lens of education, leadership development, and social justice. For 2022, the conference will explore the theme of "Women's Wellbeing: Our Stories, Our Strength."

March 26, 2022
12 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Hamilton Lugar School atrium

Conference schedule

12:15 PMAtriumRegistration opens
1:00 PMAuditoriumKeynote address by Tianna Soto

Rising Star Scholarship presentation by the Wang family
1:50 PM--Break
2:00 PMHLS ClassroomsSession One workshops
2:45 PM--Break
3:00 PMHLS ClassroomsSession Two workshops
3:45 PM--Break
4:00 PMHLS ClassroomsSession Three workshops
4:45 PMAtriumNetworking session

6:00 PM--Conference ends

Keynote address by Tianna Faye Soto

Tianna Faye Soto

The 2022 International Women's Day Conference keynote address will be delivered by writer, speaker, and educator Tianna Faye Soto.

With expertise in psychology, mental health, and wellness, Tianna is dedicated to empowering college students to face their journey with clarity and confidence. Her work has been featured by The United Nations Foundation, To Write Love On Her Arms, Facebook, Her Campus, Yoga Girl, and Thrive Global, among others.

As a Puerto Rican, Jamaican-Chinese woman born and raised in the south in a family of New Yorkers, Tianna understands what it’s like to exist between worlds. She encourages students to honor their personal narratives and the qualities that make them unique while sharing practical guidance for mental health and wellness. Her work is heart-centered, service-driven, culturally-informed, and rooted in empathy.

Tianna holds a Master of Arts in Psychology in Education from Columbia University, where she graduated from the Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI). She holds a BA in Psychology and BA in Spanish Language & Literature from NC State University. Additionally, she is an RYT-200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher and mindfulness facilitator who supports diverse clients through her 1:1 coaching practice.

Session three workshops (4:00-4:45 PM)

Presented by Carrie Stillions, Crisis Intervention Services Coordinator at Middle Way House
Room 1106

"Middle Way House is a community organization that works to empower and support survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking. In this presentation, attendees will learn about the basic information regarding domestic violence, sexual violence, and human trafficking, the importance of supporting survivors, and how we can support and empower survivors in our community."

Presented by Sam Eads, Co-Owner of Morgenstern's Books
Room 1112

"Stories are one of our oldest technologies. They teach us, give us succor and strength, remind us who we are, connect us with others. In this workshop, attendees will discover how stories resonate on a cellular level, affecting key parts of our bodies and brains. Then, take a deeper dive into our own story and learn how this process of uncovering can be a powerful method of preserving and promoting well-being."

Presented by Anita DeCastro and Marina Mecham from Wild Orchid Aerial Fitness & Dance
Room 1122

"Sensual movement is a powerful method for transformation in radical self-acceptance and the acceptance of others, in a society where we are frequently shamed for expressing our sensuality, embracing ourselves as we are, or fully loving our bodies. Wild Orchid strives to hold space for women to move in ways that feel authentic, liberating and good to them in their bodies. In this immersive learning session, attendees will participate in a brief Wisdom Circle, a guided sensual movement meditation, a demonstration of accessible sensual movement skills, and an invitation to participate in a sensual movement prompt."

Presented by Dawn Kutza, Senior Lecturer at IU Kelley School of Business
Room 0003

"Why is it that despite external evidence otherwise, so many of us internally doubt our abilities and our own value in all facets of life. In this workshop, we will uncover areas of personal self-doubt, learn strategies for shifting how we see ourselves, and explore BeDoHave philosophy and PERMA-V model of well-being that can transform the way we act in the world. By recognizing our values, beliefs, motivations, and strengths, we can begin to visualize our core worth and chart a more inspiring and personally enriching path towards achieving greater purpose, meaning, and growth."

Presented by Luciana Guardini, LCSW, Outreach Coordinator at IU Counseling and Psychological Services
Room 0005

"Stress is part of our lives, but can we build a stress-free life? Is all stress bad? The short answer for these questions is no but there is more to say! In this workshop, attendees will gain increased awareness on stress levels they are currently experiencing, familiarize themselves with concrete effective internal resources to cope with stress, learn about external resources available on campus and in the community to help cope with stress."

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