Transfer Students

Next steps for enrolling as a transfer student

Congratulations on your admission to Indiana University! Your next step is to let us know that you plan to attend IU.

This page has your to-do list outlining the steps you’ll need to take to prepare for your first year at IU.

Make it official

Submit your intent to enroll

Don’t forget—to officially reserve your spot as an IU student, submit your intent to enroll form.

Reserve your spot

Transferring between IU campuses?

If you are transferring between IU campuses, visit the Office of Admissions website for steps to enroll.

Transfer between campuses

1. Complete your checklist items

Your Atlas checklist will guide you through important tasks you need to do.


2. Set up your IU computing accounts

To create your computing account, you’ll need your university ID number. We'll send you an email with your university ID within two weeks of submitting your application.

You’ll need to set up your computing account before you can:

The computing account and email account you’ll create in this step are different than the account you created to apply to IU. You must create an IU computing account and an IU email account.

Setting up your IU computing account

  1. Go to the Access Management System Starter Kit.
  2. Read and agree to the Guidelines for Appropriate Usage, which are rules and policies for using IT accounts at IU.
  3. Enroll in the Passphrase Self-Service Reset System. If you forget your passphrase, this tool will enable you to reset it yourself without having to visit a UITS Support Center walk-in location in person.
  4. Save or record your account information in a secure place. You will need this information each time you log in to your IU computing account.
  5. Exit. It may take up to two hours before you can log in to some services.

Note: Some countries may block Gmail. If you experience problems accessing Gmail, you should forward your Gmail at IU email to another email account.

Get more information about creating your first account

3. Reserve your seat in the class

Declare your intent to enroll so we know you’ll be attending IU.

Submit your intent to enroll

4. Connect with other Hoosiers

Ready to meet your classmates? Watch for an invitation to join IU Bloomington’s official, private online admitted student community. Visit often to:

  • Look for a roommate
  • Join communities
  • Plan meet-ups
  • Know what’s happening on campus
  • Get to know other students

Also, check out our social icons at the bottom right corner of this website, and make sure you let your parents know that we have a Facebook page just for them.

5. Apply for housing (if applicable)

If you have more than 12 credit hours of transfer coursework, you can choose to live on or off campus. We recommend you live on campus during your first year. It’s the best way to plug into a community of people and start making friends.

If you want to live off-campus, you will need to apply for a residency exemption with Residential Programs and Services (RPS).

We recommend that you apply for housing as soon as the housing contract and application form are available on the Residential Programs and Services website—this is typically in February for the upcoming fall semester. Your housing preferences will be given priority based on the date your application is received.

Apply for housing

6. Sign up for New Student Orientation

All new students are required to attend orientation, which is where you will register for your first semester classes.

After you submit your Intent to Enroll, you will receive an email invitation from FYE to reserve your specific orientation dates.

Learn more about NSO

7. Grant third-party payer access to parents or guardians

If someone is helping you fund your college education, make it easy for them.

Let your parents (and whomever else you choose) set up e-bill notifications, pay bills electronically, and view bursar account details.

Learn how to set up third-party payer access

8. Submit your immunization records

All students who attend IU Bloomington are required by Indiana state law to present proof of vaccination.

Learn more about immunization requirements

9. Make travel arrangements

You’ll need to know how to navigate customs and get from the Indianapolis International Airport to Bloomington, which is about an hour away.

Learn about traveling to Bloomington

10. Have your final academic records sent to OIS

Incoming transfer students are required to have final secondary school transcripts sent to the Office of International Services before beginning at IU. All documents must be official and original (no photocopies or notarized copies). English translations must be provided for all non-English language documents.

Office of International Services
Indiana University
Eigenmann Hall Room 525
1900 E. Tenth Street
Bloomington, IN 47406
  • Phone: 812-855-9086
  • Fax: 812-855-4418
  • Email:
See country-specific secondary school requirements

11. Transfer your SEVIS record to IU

If you are currently studying in the U.S. as an F-1 student, you will need to transfer your SEVIS record to Indiana University.

Learn about transferring your SEVIS record

How to establish your eligibility for disability services at IU

If you have a disability, it’s important that you contact IU’s Disability Services for Students office so you can find out about accommodations available to you to help you perform at your best.

Learn about disability services at IU

How to cancel your application

If you’d like to cancel your application, you can do that on the Intent to Enroll page.

Cancel your application

How to defer your acceptance

Here are our policies for deferring your acceptance:

  • If you choose to defer your acceptance, you must still send us your final official high school transcript. You will also need to send any updated SAT and/or ACT scores, which should be sent directly from the testing agencies. Your application may be re-reviewed based on any new academic information.
  • You can defer your entry for up to one year; after one year has passed, you’ll need to reapply.
  • If you take 12 or more credit hours at another institution during your year of deferment, you must reapply to IU Bloomington.

To defer, fill out the online deferral form in Atlas at least two weeks before the start of the term for which you originally applied.

Defer your acceptance

Make it official

Submit your intent to enroll

Don’t forget—to officially reserve your spot as an IU student, submit your intent to enroll form.

Reserve your spot

Transferring between IU campuses?

If you are transferring between IU campuses, visit the Office of Admissions website for steps to enroll.

Transfer between campuses