Health & Safety

Creating a safe and healthy home at IU

Your student’s safety and health are very important to everyone at Indiana University. Fellow students, staff, and Hoosiers are welcoming to IU’s many international students and will gladly help them access programs and services to stay safe and healthy.


IU’s campus and the City of Bloomington are among the safest places in Indiana. We take many steps to keep our community safe. The city has a police department, and IU has its own police department that patrols campus all day and night. IU residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Bus services transport students for free, and students may request a safety escort.

Sometimes there are emergencies on campus, such as severe weather. In these cases, the IU-Notify messaging system will alert your student by phone, email, and text message, so they can take steps to stay safe.

IU also has several programs that educate students about safety issues and encourages students to take care of one another.

Mandatory health insurance

International students are required to have health insurance while they are in the United States. This insurance enables your student to get the medical care they need or require. It also protects them from unexpected medical costs.

The IU plan has many advantages. A full-service insurance company administers the plan and IU has negotiated the best possible costs. Some insurance plans cover only catastrophic illnesses, but the IU plan has full coverage for all of your student’s health needs.

Learn more about mandatory health insurance

Medical care

IU students have access to many qualified doctors and health care providers.

The Student Health Center is located on campus. Many students use it as their primary source for routine health care needs such as colds, aches and pains, and illnesses.

If students have an urgent health need when the IU Health Center and doctors’ offices are closed, they can go to one of two urgent care centers, which treat minor illnesses and injuries. Bloomington also has two hospitals for emergencies and specialized medical procedures.

Your student can have an eye exam, get glasses or contact lenses, and receive treatment for eye problems at the IU School of Optometry.

Healthy dining options

Your student will find plenty of healthful, delicious foods both on and off campus. IU Dining, which manages on-campus dining options, provides a wide range of locations and cuisines. Whether your student is sitting down for a hearty meal or is grabbing a snack between classes, they’ll be able to eat healthfully and well.

Your student will also find off-campus dining options for any craving, including a wide variety of international restaurants. Bloomington’s famed “Restaurant Row” on Fourth Street includes authentic Chinese, Turkish, Tibetan, Thai, and Indian cuisines, along with many more. While it may not be home cooking, your student will be able to enjoy a taste of home.

Additionally, Bloomington is home to many grocery stores, international markets, and farmers’ markets, which offer an abundance of fresh produce and other foods from local farmers.

If your student finds that they struggle with eating nutritiously, encourage them to make an appointment with a dietitian at the Student Health Center. The dietitian can help them plan healthy meals, navigate the grocery store, and eat mindfully.