Why IU?

Students walking in front of the Sample Gates

Here are several reasons to love IU

Career Possibilities

With 550+ academic programs and 200+ undergraduate majors, plus the chance to design your own degree, it’s easy to pursue your passion at IU! From the moment you step on campus, we take your future seriously, so we offer career services to help you take what you learn in the classroom and transfer it to the real world.

Experiential Learning

At IU, you won’t just sit in a classroom. You’ll gain hands-on learning during your first year so you can rise above the competition. Don’t just imagine doing something—put it into practice in one of our renowned research facilities or in an original, creative activity. Hoosiers are doers.


As an international student, you not only qualify for the regular scholarships but for international scholarships as well. Many of our scholarships are merit-based and don't require a separate scholarship application. One-in-three admitted international students receive a scholarship!

We understand that attending college in a different country isn’t cheap—but with IU, it’s more than possible.

If you’re looking for your home away from home, IU is the place for you. Request more information about our countless opportunities, diverse student body, life-changing academics, and world-class faculty. IU is ready to welcome you to campus!

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