Health & Safety

Making health and safety a priority

Your child’s safety and health are very important to all of us at Indiana University. People are very welcoming to IU’s many international students, and help them access programs and services to stay safe and be healthy.


IU’s campus and Bloomington are very safe, and we take many steps to keep our community safe. The city has a police department, and IU has its own police department that patrols campus day and night. IU residence halls are locked 24 hours a day. Bus services transport students for free, and students may request a safety escort.

Sometimes there are emergencies on campus, such as severe weather. In these cases, the IU-Notify messaging system will alert your child by phone, email, and text message, so he or she can take steps to stay safe.

IU also has several programs that educate students about safety issues and encourage students to take care of one another.

Mandatory health insurance

International students are required to have health insurance while they are in the United States. This insurance enables your child to get the medical care he or she needs. It also protects him or her from unexpected medical costs.

Your child may already have insurance from your home country that meets the minimum coverage requirements. If not, your child will be enrolled in an insurance plan through IU.

The IU plan has many advantages. A full-service insurance company administers the plan. IU has negotiated reasonable rates. Some other plans cover only catastrophic illnesses, but the IU plan has thorough coverage for all of your child’s health needs.

Learn more about mandatory health insurance

Medical care

IU students have access to many qualified doctors and health care providers.

The IU Health Center is located on campus. Many students use it as their primary source for routine health care needs.

If students have an urgent health need when the IU Health Center and doctors’ offices are closed, they can go to one of two urgent care centers, which treat minor illnesses and injuries. Bloomington also has two hospitals for emergencies and specialized medical procedures.

Your child can have an eye exam, get glasses or contact lenses, and receive treatment for eye problems at the IU School of Optometry.