On-Campus Employment

How do I get authorization to work on campus?

To request and receive your work authorization, please log in to Atlas and submit the “On-Campus Work Authorization” e-form. Please be aware that working without proper authorization is a violation of J-1 status, and may result in the loss of benefits of your J-1 program. Please remember to submit your request at least 5 days before you need to begin working.

On-campus employment may only be authorized for up to 12 months at a time. You must apply and receive authorization for each 12-month period, or for the duration of your assistantship, fellowship, or on-campus job—whichever is shorter.

Authorization is specific to a job. If anything about your job changes, you will need to apply for authorization again. The possible types of on-campus employment are assistantship (research assistantship/graduate assistantship/associate instructorship), fellowship or scholarship that requires employment, or any other on-campus work (libraries, campus dining halls, etc.).